Travel vaccines


Cornwall Street Medical Centre offers the travel vaccines you need, our one-stop shop can prepare you for your next adventure.

We have a number of doctors at the medical centre who provide travel vaccines and are Yellow Fever accredited.


Vaccines we provide:



Why do we need travel vaccines?

When travelling outside of Australia, some diseases are more common in certain countries. Travellers may be at an increased risk of disease through contaminated food or water and contact with infected individuals, cuts or wounds, and insect or animal bites.

Therefore, it’s important to protect the health of yourself and others when travelling overseas by planning ahead and booking a travel consult to receive any of the needed vaccines.

Request a travel consult

Request a travel consult 6 – 12 weeks before departure by calling the practice on 07 3346 1122.

You will need to see a GP for an initial consult prior to the vaccination consult and the vaccination consult should be booked as a long consult.

Supply your itinerary

Please bring your itinerary and vaccination history.

Travel vaccine fees

Varied fees apply across different travel vaccines, our admin team can provide these fees over the phone. You can contact us 07 3346 1122.